To improve community health and reduce the cost of care by providing a platform that enables healthcare, social services and government organizations to self-organize into open-panel, adaptable, patient-centered networks.


Our Vision

At Curandi, we envision a better healthcare delivery model. One that treats every patient as an individual. One that empowers providers instead of limiting them. One that pays for outcomes, not procedures.

One that puts patients first.

We will achieve this by harnessing the power of network science to create a platform on which healthcare, social service and government agencies can self-organize into smart networks that collaborate around every patient – continuously adapting to meet individual needs and tying the efforts of each network member to reimbursable outcomes. The knowledge gained from individual patient successes can provide opportunities to scale and address the social determinants of health at the community level.

Our Values

Patients First: Our decisions are driven by the desire to make positive change in peoples’ everyday lives.

Integration: Community health is a complex, interconnected set of issues for which an adaptive, integrated systems approach is needed. 

Community: We strengthen networks to better connect and serve all members of the community.

Empowerment: We empower communities to set and achieve their own unique goals.

Knowledge: We enable information-sharing to help communities make well-informed decisions.


About Dr. Rohwer

Friendly, compassionate and down-to-earth, Michael Rohwer, MD, doesn’t fit the industry disruptor stereotype. But with the heart of a restless entrepreneur and the genuine desire to improve peoples’ lives, he’s been quietly challenging the status quo since he left medical school.

He implemented one of the first electronic medical records systems on the West Coast, improving productivity, accuracy and patient care at his practice. He created a new medical management department to support community health plans in Oregon’s Marion and Polk counties, developing a new web platform that enabled tighter management through rules-based automation. He was the first founder of Performance Health Technology, Ltd. (PH Tech), an administrative services provider whose unique, independent platform and associated payment system helps community health plans reduce costs without sacrificing quality of care.

After leading PH Tech through successful growth, Dr. Rohwer turned his attention to healthcare’s Big Problem: how to make patient-centered care truly sustainable. And so, driven by the steadfast belief that with shared purpose and the right tools we can revolutionize community health systems, Curandi was born.


Interested in having Dr. Rohwer speak at an event?

Healthcare quality. Payment reform. Network science. Effective collaboration of healthcare and social services. Social determinants of health. With an extensive background in medicine, technology, entrepreneurship and community leadership, Dr. Rohwer is a highly regarded speaker who brings an optimistic, compassionate and pragmatic approach to these timely topics, making them not just informative, but relatable and compelling.