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You can’t know what you can’t see

All of us have a personal narrative grown from firsthand experience that filters and shapes our understanding and perspective. It can also blind us to growing problems and innovative solutions. Being able to see the whole is job one for understanding how our healthcare system works and for being able to make it work better.

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Network business models will revolutionize community health

Since the 1990s, the cost of medical care has seen the greatest rate of inflation across all sectors, suppressing wages and limiting economic growth. The system is an enormously complicated technical approach to a complex problem. But complicated is not complex, and only complexity can manage complexity; working harder at the old paradigm won’t yield a different outcome. It doesn’t need to be this way.

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New hope from a better diagnosis

Healthcare has borrowed “best practice” management paradigms from manufacturing and skillfully applied them to most of healthcare’s parts, yet overall, it continues as the largest category of inflation. The mismatch? Healthcare’s real-world is a biologically and socially complex adaptive system and how it works is vastly different than the factory floor. The result? Demoralized front-line practitioners facing constraints and mountainous layers of complicatedness that create cost, not affordable care. A new approach based on systems principles can help heal healthcare’s wicked problem.

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