Delivering More Value from Simple Purpose Based Rules

Systems science reveals that the only structure capable of adapting in real-time with healthcare’s complex environment is an equally complex network. Such a network is designed to follow simple rules that create continuous self-organization and result in best care and affordable cost to each patient. We see examples of such networks in successful internet businesses. Using complex networks to serve their customers enables these organizations to focus on simple purpose-based rules and reduces layers of management programming  

Amazon® uses a such a  complex network to serve its customers. Amazon’s mission statement puts the customer at the center of who they are. “Our vision is to be Earth's most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online”. This is a description of a simple rule that is easily visible when using Amazon’s system. Their technology platform is designed to learn and adapt to what each person needs. The same principle and process can improve healthcare.

Amazon’s mission and vision describes it purpose. The “simple rule” driving adaptation is to achieve this purpose  in the best way possible. Healthcare also exists to serve a purpose. A simple rule based in achieving purpose can create the same sort of self-organizing network, designed to learn, adapt, and be capable of continuously delivering more value. To build one rule that applies to the myriad of circumstances in healthcare, we need a consistent framework that converts abstract purpose to a tangible, context-specific outcome. Building such a framework is  common activity in software engineering and can be done in healthcare today. 

This new framework will allow healthcare managers to define goals that are specific for their communities, that are portable and extensible to other communities, and that enables comparative analysis of both meta-data and outcomes. Most important, this new framework will power a new layer of transparency around performance and price. 

Purpose is the second part of the Curandi Model®. Converting purpose to measures that have mathematical properties within this new framework will revolutionize healthcare and create new markets around outcomes. By joining Curandi, innovators take part in its development and have first access to this revolutionary approach.

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