The Curandi Model™ - A Framework for Success

Models are essential to thinking and solving problems.

Everything we know is a model. We think using models. We organize our life and work based on models. We continually adapt our models based on experience and learning.

The Curandi Model comes from reflection on the failure of healthcare to control cost in the light of new knowledge about complexity from system science.

The model is based in four inter-related concepts.

The Curandi Model™

Systems Thinking

Our mental model shapes how we think a system works. The difference between that, and how it really works is what makes healthcare so difficult to fix and why the discipline of Systems Thinking is so important.

Healthcare is huge and made up of many overlapping systems. Improvement will be incremental and opportunistic. Success will depend on understanding both where we are and where we are trying to go. 

Systems Thinking will help us chart the transition, to understand what success is and how to prove that effectively. 


Systems exist to achieve a purpose. Healthcare is no different. Purpose is the one stable point of reference as new circumstances and events emerge from healthcare’s complex environments. Curandi Model uses tangible and measurable purpose to guide system structure to meet the needs of each patient within the resource limits of society. 


The healthcare environment is inherently complex and needs a self-organizing system that keeps pace with emergent events and circumstances. In the Curandi Model, self-organizing healthcare networks, guided by purpose, can use the complex environment in the same way sailing uses the emergence of wind to move. The internet is an example of a self-organizing network that adapts to meet the needs of every individual. The same concept, adapted to healthcare, can perfect every point of care to serve each patient. 

Distributed Innovation

The Curandi Model supports a new set of tools and methods for local Healthcare Developers to design and implement local clinical interventions that are portable and comparable with other communities. This allows every community to take part in building a better system perfected for their community and supportive of patients and practitioners. Curandi’ s innovation network provides a platform for Developers to learn and build.