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Putting Social Determinants of Health to work

Social determinants of health (SODH) are widely understood to create illness and impair recovery. It’s time to harness this knowledge and put it to work. We can create a self-reinforcing virtuous cycle where medical care is better and more affordable in a strong, healthy community, and a strong, healthy community can afford better medical care.

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Growing value from Social Determinants of Health

Huge cost and quality improvements are possible by integrating Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) into medical care. Achieving this will be possible when we embrace management methods aligned with the reality of healthcare as a Complex Adaptive System; managing the whole instead of the parts and focusing on individual patients, not populations.

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Preparing to integrate the social determinants of health

We know social determinants of health (SDH) have a major effect on health outcomes and cost. Numerous observational studies of spending patterns show large savings, but few have captured data-driven examples to isolate portable methods for success. The reason is that the medicine and social sciences are miles apart in science, approach, and attitude.

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