2018 Oregon State of Reform Health Policy Conference


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Join us at the Oregon State of Reform Health Policy Conference – where healthcare leaders and insiders come together to discuss the intersection of healthcare policy and politics. Be part of the conversation and network with more than 400 other medical practitioners, thought leaders and policy makers shaping the state of healthcare reform in Oregon.

Date: October 16, 2018

Location: Marriott Portland Downtown Waterfront


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Social determinants of health. Collaborative care coordination. Performance-based pay.

No conversation about healthcare reform would be complete without confronting the issues Curandi and ACT.md work together to address. That’s why we are major sponsors of the 2018 Oregon State of Reform conference and invite you to join the discussion. Use code Curandi20 to receive 20 percent off your registration today, and stop by our booth at the conference to talk about our practical, accountable solutions to integrated community health.

Explore how Curandi and ACT.md can help you build a community health network that provides better care for less – and read about our recent partnership with The Fostering Hope Initiative.