Create a Project in Your Community

If you are interested in how Curandi can strengthen your community health system or would like to explore the possibility of starting a test project in your community, contact us today.


Current Partners

Catholic Community Services

Catholic Community Services is a nonprofit organization in Oregon helping those with intellectual or developmental disabilities and children, youth and families facing adversity develop safe, stable nurturing relationships; enjoy good health; gain the knowledge, skills and virtues they need to succeed; and enjoy financial self-sufficiency. is a cloud-based platform for precision care coordination that allows caregiver teams to effectively address social determinants of health. Easy to implement and use, allows clinicians, patients, families and community support providers to collaborate and drive compliance to shared care plans.

Pacific Research and Evaluation, LLC

Pacific Research and Evaluation, LLC helps community providers prove that their programs achieve desired outcomes. Objective and rigorous, their collaborative consultants draw on a variety of backgrounds to research and provide evidence that their clients’ programs are great – and feedback to make them even better.