Shared Purpose
Concept Overview

The health and wellness of every unique individual. This is the shared purpose that should bind and motivate all members of a healthcare delivery network; the “why” of every medical, behavioral and social service agency’s contribution to community health.

If such highly individualized care seems too lofty or expensive a goal, it’s only because our system has caused us to lose sight of our purpose. Focused on processes and procedures, not people, this system fails to shed light on the social determinants of health and leads to worse outcomes and higher costs.

Curandi envisions a better model. With patient-centered care as their shared purpose, community health networks can focus, align, understand and value the contributions of each partner as measurable outcomes.

Shared purpose. Focused action. Outcome-based reimbursement. Creating a system that values health first will help restore cooperation, adaptiveness, accountability and humanity to a complex system. Read more about how shared purpose informs the Curandi model.



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