Smart Networks
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For too long we’ve tried to manage community health with a fixed, industrial approach. But rather than bring order to the complexity of the problem, this inflexible system has just made things more complicated for patients, providers and payers – while failing to improve health outcomes.

It’s time we ditched the production-line model for an adaptable system that can meet individuals’ unique health needs while supporting the naturally collaborative nature of healthcare delivery.

Curandi’s innovative platform helps communities self-organize around shared purpose, track outcomes and adapt to meet the needs of unique individuals. Powered by network science, Curandi supports real-time, outcome-based analysis that can both inform care decisions and monetize outcomes, while also offering opportunities to scale and address the social determinants of health at the community level.

The result: an agile, living network capable of identifying better, more economical solutions to community health. Learn more about smart networks and their potential for transforming healthcare delivery in the articles below.



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