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Powered by innovative thinkers and exciting new advances in systems science, Curandi offers a comprehensive toolkit to help help build the kind of smart networks CCOs and another payers needed to cost-effectively address social determinants of health and achieve better outcomes for every patient.

Smart Network


Smart networks meet even the most complex patients’ whole-care needs sooner, better and more cost-effectively because they:

  • Integrate multi-disciplinary providers into panels that can effectively address social determinants of health.

  • Seamlessly fit into existing healthcare and human service business structures. 

  • Track care plan compliance in real time to enable rapid intervention for individuals from the right provider, in the right place, at the right time. 

  • Organize around a shared purpose that guides network behavior, with much less need to manage individual providers.

  • Continuously learn from network activity to reinforce what works, limiting protocol design and reducing time to value.

  • Enable outcome-based business models that pay for results, not activity.

  • Are community-focused, scalable and reliably deliver desired outcomes.

 The Curandi Toolkit

Curandi works with ACT.md, a proven community network platform, development assets and expert consulting and technical support to help you build community-based smart networks that create connections between health and human service providers, educational institutions and governmental agencies to enable outcome-based care coordination that delivers real value.

The Curandi Toolkit

ACT.md: community care coordination.

Curandi Adaptive Network: network learning, accountability, and analytics.


Consulting and support to facilitate strategic planning and implementation.

Recruitment of network participants.

Structural support including legal templates, project management and clinical governance.

Training and on-boarding of network partners.


Ongoing reporting and analysis.

Network learning and behavior management.

Collaborative network governance.

Continuous training and system enhancement.

Better outcome-based business models.


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Partner with Curandi to create and manage smart networks that achieve outcomes traditional structures can’t. The competitive advantage you gain by providing and demonstrating sustainable value to private and government purchasers will position you at the forefront of the next big shift in community health.