Harnessing the power of network science to nurture
healthier communities


We can’t change what we can’t see. A platform built on the system science driving today’s most innovative companies, Curandi maps community health networks and enables them to self-organize, set common goals, track outcomes and adapt in real time. The result: an outcomes-based model that provides patient-centered care for less, and scales to address the social determinants of health.


Dedicated to changing how we approach
community health.

We seek to disrupt the status quo of healthcare delivery—not because we’re troublemakers, but because we’re optimists. We can improve community health, and we can do it in ways that cost less and significantly improve peoples’ quality of life. Explore the issues, concepts and projects that inspire us.


The Science of Community Health


What we do

Curandi Toolkit

Curandi helps CCOs and other payers create, manage and generate ROI from smart networks. We provide the technology, network development tools and support needed to effectively address social determinants of health, enable precision care coordination, achieve better health outcomes and lower the cost of community health.

Meet our founder.


Dr. Rohwer

Physician. Entrepreneur. Community Leader. Disruptor. Meet Michael Rohwer, M.D.

An internal medicine physician, medical industry entrepreneur and thought leader, Michael Rohwer, M.D. is driven by his steadfast belief that with shared purpose and the right tools, we can revolutionize community health systems and dramatically improve outcomes.



Fresh insight into what drives us. Delve into the concepts behind Curandi’s vision for transforming healthcare delivery and improving peoples’ lives.

Our Partners

We are proud to work with innovative leaders in healthcare, social services and government.